Sherco is on the rise in Australia

Mick’s Motorcycles is proud to the Adelaide and SA distributors for Sherco motorcycles.


[Hi here we are in the store at Mick’s Motorcycles Gawler with the new Sherco. We are now the state distributors for Sherco – the 250s, the 300s, the 4 stroke are in store now – enduro and motocross versions are ready to race straight out of the box. The 450s and 510s are only a few months away – we should see them on the floor here in about mid April I reckon. The features on the new Sherco, WP shocks on the front, fuel injected motors, Brembo brakes, unbelievable handling in the front end of these bikes, I’ve ridden them our in store rider Bradley has ridden them in the enduros, all that sort of stuff. Now I’ll hand over to Bradley, he can tell you about his experiences in the 24 hour road trial. Right here is Bradley, let him take his helmet off and he will just tell you about his experience in the road trials. Well the Sherco, what a machine, this thing is unreal. The suspension was the first thing I noticed, just the way it handles in the front is unreal. Never felt a bike like it. It is only a 102 kilos so it’s very light – when the going gets tough through the trail it handles really well. The motor is really good, it’s a 300 this one right here which I’ve been riding, when you rev it you can rev it right out.]

[Some of the other key features on this great European enduro bike are hydraulic clutch, electric start, mapping features, and easy access air filters – straight under the seat like that and straight into the air filters from there. Now other things you can get for this are interchangeable large tanks – they are interchangeable from model to model, it’s not different tanks, you can use the same tanks for 250s, 300s and the radiator shroud, front and rear mud guards they are all interchangeable from bike to bike. And now are available also are 250 and 300 two strokes – they are in the country now, ready to go]

Micks Motorcycles is now the South Australian distributor for Sherco

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