XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil

XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil

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Designed to meet the unique needs of Rotax engines, only XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil was engineered specifically to provide maximum protection against engine wear in E-TEC engines. E-TECs use less oil so the oil they do use must satisfy higher demands to keep the engine well-lubricated and clean.

XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic uses a highly-evolved additive package to keep engine parts lubricated, clean and free of wear. This low smoke, low odor formula also allows for maximum engine performance and is the recommended oil for any Rotax 2-stroke engine.

The most advanced 2-stroke oil ever developed. Low smoke, low odor. Only oil recommended for use in E-TEC. Can be used in all 2-stroke engines except outboards.


4 Litres


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