Mick’s Barossa Adventures – Steinys Mettwurst

Micks is in Tanunda to visit one of his favourites, Steiny’s Mettwurst. Transcript: Mick: Here we are on another adventure on our tour of the Barossa and we are at Steiny’s mettwurst factory and I’m in the smoke house and I can’t believe this, this the Barossa famous Steiny’s mettwurst. Here we are with Kate […]

Mick’s Barossa Adventures – Gomersal Wines

Mick drops in on his mate Baz at Gomersal Wines before riding up to Mengler’s Hill lookout.

Ural sidecar motorcycles come to SA

Mick’s Motorcycles is proud to be the South Australian distributor for Ural sidecars. See our recent commercials below which aired recently on Channel 44 community television in Adelaide. If you are interested in having a test ride, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. To find out further information about the Ural […]

Video highlights: The Hard Way Home book launch

Take a look at the following videos if you weren’t able to make it down to Mick’s Motorcycles for Allan Roberts’ book launch. Allan survived one of the toughest motorbike races in the world, finishing The 2014 Dakar Rally placed 39th. He was completely self funded. ‘The Hard Way Home’ talks about his experiences riding […]

2014 South Australian Reliability Trial season set to Kick off!

We are now only a month away from the First Round of the South Australian Reliability Trial Series to be held at Marrabel Saturday 3rd May. For Supplementary Regulations and Entry form follow the link below or follow the facebook site! https://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Australian-Reliability-Trials/1410047329232721 http://www.sartchampionship.com/web/2013-supplementary-regulations-2/  

Keyneton MCC General Meeting to be held in store at Mick’s Motorcycles Gawler Tuesday 25th March

Keyneton MCC General Meeting to be held in store at Mick’s Motorcycles Gawler Tuesday 25th March. The shop will be open at 7pm for Current Members of the club to receive the chance to grab some specials as the race season begins! We hope to see you all at our store

Mick reviews the Suzuki KingQuad 750 ATV

Mick takes the Suzuki King Quad 750AXi Power Steering out to farm and tests it out on some rough terrain. VIDEO Transcription [He we are back out in the paddock again after many years for me. I used to farm so I’ve got a little bit of an idea of what goes on with ATVs. […]

Do you know the correct tyre pressure for your bike?

Video transcript: Hi here we are in the workshop at Mick’s Motorcycles. On the most common issues we find when people bring bikes in to the shop is incorrect tyre pressures. Now this can lead to premature tyre wear and incorrect handling of the bike. Now one of the easiest ways to keep this under […]

Motorcycle Jeans and Jackets – Designed for ladies!

Video transcripts: Ladies motorcycles jeans that won’t make you look like a biker You can also get really nice jeans that are designed to fit the ladies curves. These ones have a got a boot cap that fit well over boots. These have got kevlar material on the inside so if you do happen to […]

Our 1 Minute Review of Nolan’s N104 Helmet

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: [Today I’m wearing the new N104 Nolan helmet. It’s one of the most popular getting around in the market. It flips down like so, it flicks back up like so. It’s quite an easy mechanism and is also fitted with an internal visor which is quite easy to do – slide down like […]