Mick reviews the Suzuki KingQuad 750 ATV

Mick takes the Suzuki King Quad 750AXi Power Steering out to farm and tests it out on some rough terrain.

VIDEO Transcription
[He we are back out in the paddock again after many years for me. I used to farm so I’ve got a little bit of an idea of what goes on with ATVs. This is the Suzuki, the 750 automatic high low range, reverse power steering. I’ve used this here today for this cattle around the hills here in Kapunda and it has been a breeze. If you were to spend all day on this machine with the power steering, with the comfort on the seat – broad seat – you wouldn’t wear out. It has got an independent back end on it so over the rocky country as well as the flat country, you’ve got comfort. It is great on fuel, just straight unleaded fuel so you don’t have to worry about any fancy fuels for it – it goes all day on a tank full. I’ve had a great time out here today moving cattle around the place. If you’re looking for something like this, this is what you need. Come down and see us, we’ve got the 250s right through to the 750s and we’ve got demos.

Right that was just a bit of a small demonstration of the versatility of the independent rear end, the power steering and the high low ratio that this Suzuki ATV has, the 750. Not only can you ride it well through rough terrain but if you’re a sheep man, you’ve got portable yards, 30/40 panels things like that, the power in this machine to hook up your trailer behind with yards on it – car it 10KMs out to wherever you’re going to do your land marking or whatever you’re going to do with your sheep out there. This machine will handle it well.

Other great uses for this machine and all ATVs is as a spray unit around the farm. You can put a spray tank on the back here – small boom out the back, use it as a spot sprayer, as a boom sprayer – angles on the edge of your spray unit for fence lines and things like that as well and also just as a mobile unit. Getting around, property to property, checking water troughs that sort of thing instead of taking a ute or a car – much quicker to hop on the ATV to get around the farm like that. Especially if you’ve got Grandpa on the farm – getting a bit tired climbing in and out of his LandCruiser all day long – buy him a small ATV down as low as the 250. He’ll love it, easy for him to get on and off.}

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